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What is Ogham Usui Reiki?

Ogham Usui Reiki combines the ancient form of Japanese healing with the spiritually progressive shamanic healing traditions of Celtic Ireland to enhance the energetic and spiritual power of both the healer and the energy healing.

Reiki is an ancient form of healing that was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk, in the early twentieth century. It is powerful yet gentle hands on healing practice in which universal life force energy flows through the Master's hands to you, cleansing away toxins, enhancing your body's natural healing ability, and facilitating physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Reiki can relieve pain and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can soothe your heart, calm your mind, and promote a feeling of total relaxation.

Ogham is an ancient alphabet of Ireland, conveying secret information and connected to the essence of the environment. By connecting with this unseen wisdom, we can awaken to a more profound conscious awareness of ourself, others, and the world. Ogham draws on the wisdom of the ancients to make a connection with all things and allow healing to flow from the source, through the subtle energy of the healer to you for your highest good and wellbeing.


What is a Reiki Share?

In our Reiki share, you will learn the basics of Reiki and then working in pairs you will give and receive Reiki energy healing. Guided by an OUR veteran Reiki Master and healing medium, this is a wonderful and affordable way to benefit from collective healing energy that is devoted to your and other's highest good and wellbeing.


Ogham Usui Reiki Training

IARP Subscribing to the philosophy that to heal one should first be healed, Ogham Reiki training is a rigorous process that focuses on the mind/body/spirit development of the healer to ensure he or she is a clear channel for healing energy flowing from the source to you.

Ogham Reiki I includes training, attunement, and 30 days of self-healing before certification. Level II includes training, attunement, case studies, and six months of voluntary healing sessions. Level III includes workshops, attunement, case studies, the study of legal and ethical practices, and a year of logged healing sessions.

After this rigorous process, a final assessment takes places and successful candidates are issued certificates signed by Ogham Reiki and branded by the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

For those of your interested in incorprating essences into your healing work, our sister company in Galway in the West of Ireland offers an annual course in Ogham Tree Therapy and essences for those who have completed Ogham Usui Reiki III. This not only promises to be an enlightening course in the healing power of tree essences, it is wonderful opportunity to visit the heart of Celtic Ireland.


What People Are Saying

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